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Essentialization: Another problem with gender in development

gender in development continues to use and perpetuate certain gender myths:

“that women are more industrious and responsible than men, that women politicians can’t be corrupt and always represent women’s interests, that women care more for their children and the environment and that they are closer to the earth…”
And of course too often men are implied to be the opposite: the violent aggressor, the lazy husband, the selfish drunk, the disinterested father. Continue reading

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Girls as tools: one problem with gender in development

It’s not that I think the statistics (women spend n% more on their children) aren’t true. I might even agree that using this fact is a good idea at least for certain projects or at least in the short term. But I think it’s a mistake to just use this fact uncritically. We should really think hard about the reasons this statistic is true: why are women more inclined to spend extra income on their children? Continue reading

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